Welcome! If you’ve thought about retiring and wonder whether travel might be an option for you, read on! I’m curious about our longing for the exotic and our impulse to return to the familiar. I want to learn whether age can bring an augmentation in our perceptions or in our capacity for joy. I like to explore what it feels like in a place I’ve only dreamed about. I care about emotional connections with people and places. I intend to remember more of the mystery and the wonder than I do of the sunburn and the blistered feet. I’m seeking more than inconvenience, and I plan to experience more than “if only.”

A plethora of web sites will give you detailed histories and itineraries, so that’s not what you’ll find here. And I won’t focus on the nuts and bolts of travel either, i.e. the best airfares, car rentals, hotels, or restaurants, etc., although all of that necessarily comes into play.

What I hope you find here is a sense of joy in discovering new places and people in this amazing world of ours. As a retired professor, I’m grateful not to take or give any more exams. But I want to keep learning, and travel is one very good way to do it. So come join me. And if you’d like to share the stories of your own senior explorations, just drop me a line.

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