Ideal Caribbean Resort in La Romana

There’s nothing quite like basking in the beauty of an ideal Caribbean resort in La Romana, specifically the Luxury Bahia Principe Bougainville, for an R&R get-away. If I were to describe the perfect Caribbean destination, this would be it. White sand beaches, blue skies, palm trees waving, crystal clean pools, a varied and delicious buffet ready any time of day or night. The rooms were beautiful, spacious, and the beds comfortable. I’m convinced the only misery you could encounter here would be what you brought with you in your own psychic baggage.

The resort is billed as an All-Inclusive Adults Only, and the rooms are stocked with alcohol. What the hotel chain intends is for families with children to be relegated to a certain section of the complex, which is vast. (It seems curious to me that resorts don’t recognize certain adult noises as being obnoxious, but feel free to separate us from child noises.)

We added a modicum of exercise to our R&R week-end by riding around on the resort-owned bicycles to see more of the area. But make sure you plan it for early morning before the tropical sun and the humidity settle in. When we came back to dress for supper, we found fresh red hibiscus flowers tucked into the white bathroom towels with petals on the bath mat.

Our one small disappointment was discovering that the cuisine in the French restaurant was exceedingly distant from France. But even then, it was relaxing to be served. And the company was great.

I loved doing lots of nothing—for two whole days. But then I was done. It comes on me as a kind of itching in the legs. A sort of restless curiosity about whether the rest of the world still exists outside this cocoon of luxury.

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  1. It seems as if this complex must be only a movie, not real. How could it be so perfect, “French” cuisine aside?

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