How to Stay Awake on a Road Trip

How to stay awake on a road trip? Get to know your traveling companions. In fact, that can be the best part. The destination truly becomes secondary once you’ve entered the lives of those around you. If you ask the right kind of questions, even people you’ve known for a long time will tell you stories and give you insights that will surprise you. It can be more than entertaining—it can be positively revelatory!

More than a hundred questions for initiating interesting conversations on a road trip.

I’ve tried these questions with friends and family of all ages and find they work across a broad range of age and gender. In a small group, it’s fun to hear each person’s candid answer before drawing the next question. The only time I didn’t enjoy the pastime occurred when somebody in the group wanted to dominate. Here are some suggestions for that problem, just in case.

The Pontificator: Someone wants to demonstrate their erudition? Imposing a word limit often works.

Example 1: Use a timer. Agree upon the length of the answer in advance — say, one minute.

Example 2: All answers have to be made in 21 words or less. Keep count and say “stop” when s/he reaches the word limit.

The Drama King/Queen: Someone wants to top everybody else’s stories? Draw a new question for each person. You have 108 to choose from, so the game will still wile away a few hours.

The Sob Story Artist: Someone wants to cry over every answer? Stop the car. Take a break. Go to lunch. Find chocolate.

Simply print the four pages of topics and cut on the lines. Light cardstock is best, but any paper will do. Rotate who draws the question and gives the first answer. Click here to download your copy of How to Stay Awake on a Road Trip