Rajasthan Textiles

Is it even possible to go to a Rajasthan textiles and handicrafts store and not see something so beautiful you can’t leave it behind? Besides, I’m a sucker for information. Give me enough information and I’m liable to buy just about anything. They started us off with how they create wood block prints, here a table cloth.

Wood block printing

Wood block printing

Then they introduced us to silk rugs. We saw them in various stages, from the weaving, to the snipping, to the torching. The intended result of this step-by-step approach was that after we had seen how labor intensive they were, we’d appreciate not only their beauty, but also their price.

Choosing One Beautiful Thing

But if you’re a senior reading this, you probably already know your decorating style and the colors you like to live with. You’ve probably chosen the art you like to see every day and the pieces are framed and hanging on your walls. You’ve been given doo-dads and gee-gahs all your life, which you graciously trot out when various loved-ones visit. You’ve likely even tried to compile the onerous inheritance list for your will, which gives each child and grandchild personal items you hope they will enjoy remembering you by.

Acquisition is definitely not the big thing on your horizon. In fact you may be so completely done with buying stuff, that the last thing you want in this life is one more THING to give away.

But how can you fully appreciate the beauty of the silk hangings and clothing and rugs in the Rajasthan textile and handicrafts stores and not yield to ownership? The salesmen don’t think you can. “Local craftsmen made each exquisite piece…… and they need your support …….” And it’s all so lovely…..

So my friend and I have made a pact. One beautiful thing per trip. Not more, not less. Either of us can buy it — we take turns, sort of. The system works—at least for us.

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