Iceland, Here We Come

plane to Iceland

Iceland, here we come! A week from now I’ll be with two of my daughters in the geothermal wonderland called Iceland. The itinerary I’ve created includes soaking in hot pots, walks behind waterfalls to a volcano, snorkeling in the fissure between continental plates, hiking a glacier, taking a sea cruise, riding Icelandic horses, and trying a different kind of fish stew every day for lunch. I’m taking along the Icelandic sagas to read aloud before bedtime and will let you know if they are a soporific, or the stuff nightmares are made of. I have my suspicions.

I have to say I’m wildly excited about spending ten days alone with my daughters–sans husbands and children–almost unbelievable.

A heads-up to you, dear readers. To be honest, I tend to fill the days so full when I’m traveling that I have no time for much contemplative activity. It takes a few days in the quiet of home for me to enjoy bringing my adventures to a wider audience. I know some bloggers who do a day-by-day report while traveling, but that’s not me.

So come back here to visit me about September 12th and I’ll start the revelation.  Ten Fabulous Days in Iceland.

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