Banana Crossing on the Road

While driving to the ruins of Copan, which is in Honduras, I experienced my first banana crossing on the road. Now that might create a cartoon-like image in your mind of small yellow bananas frolicking across the asphalt. Not quite. It was all very mechanized, but yes, a constant stream of bananas were crossing the road.

In Honduras, traffic waits for bananas

Banana crossing

Although traffic was light that day, all of it had to stop for this singular event. At least it was singular to this pair of western eyes! On either side of the road we saw vast fields of banana trees. The varying harvest dates were identified by variously colored plastic bags.

bananas for harvest in blue

The bananas to be harvested that day were indicated by blue bags. The conveyor belt that moved the harvested fruit marched straight across the highway from the field on the right to the field on the left.

The Clarion Hotel of Copan

The Clarion Hotel of Copan afforded us a gentle sense of well-being by beautifully combining the surrounding tropical forest into the decor of the building. The pool had no bathers while we were there, but served as a point of tranquility, of peace to the soul.

Hotel Clarion pool

Traditional outdoor breakfast on the back patio on our farewell morning

Hotel Clarion breakfast

Self-guided nature walk

After breakfast we discovered a self-guided nature walk down the hill behind the hotel that our guides didn’t even know was there. Truly, don’t miss it. Take yourself on a little after-breakfast hike and learn the names of the flora you’ve been seeing.

Clarion Hotel nature trail begins here

Clarion Hotel nature trail begins here

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