Astounding Traffic Event of Hookie-Bobbing


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, I’m going to introduce you to the astounding traffic event of Hookie-Bobbing, as it’s known in the Dominican Republic.

Guest Blog by Randy Park

Yep, here’s another one for your “On The Street” collection and personal enjoyment. This way of hitching a ride made us smile! Traveling south on Gomez near Bolivar (it’s down hill with gravity in your favor), one of the locals with roller blades laced up and decided to “catch” a free taxi ride by holding on to the back left tail light socket. Please note that of course it doesn’t have a red cover plate. This was a five to six block trip. What made us curious was that with roller blades and downhill topography, he could have roller bladed faster than waiting at three traffic lights and the two passenger stops in between to complete his trip? He waited through each stop.



A few questions. Did he not have the taxi fare? Does he know the taxi driver? Was the taxi full and the driver issues roller blades and a package discount to the overflow customers? Is it illegal to ride roller blades on the side-walk? (Oh yeah, nothing is illegal here). Is his mother in the taxi and he didn’t want to leave her? Just sightseeing, so time didn’t matter?

Other possible reasons? Hmmmm…?

Hoodie-bobbing close up

Hoodie-bobbing close up


From Ray A. – “This method of travel (“Hookie-Bobbing”) is also used by DR families of seven or more (with only one motorcycle) to get to church on time!”

From Steve B. — Think of the awe and respect from your grandkids and friends at home (young and old) as you regale them with tales of Hookie-Bobbing! Just think of the money saved on car rent and gas! Peggy, you’ll send us the photos and his hospital info, okay?

Just in case  you don’t believe it – JMBryce

Here’s more evidence of the sport. Or is it an art? Or maybe a death wish?

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