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Minaret to Mansion in Cowboy Country

Civic Center in Moorish Revival

When you first encounter Helena, Montana, you might wonder how such a diversity of architectural lines could happen, from minaret to mansion in cowboy country. We drove into town on Prospect Avenue. About the time it intersected with a street called Last Chance Gulch, we knew we were in mining country. But in the distance, […]

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Cathedral of Saint Helena to Gates of the Mountains

Missouri River, Helena, MT

For our final day in Helena, Montana, we moved from an early mass in Cathedral of Saint Helena to Gates of the Mountains Boat tour on the Missouri River. In a way, the architecture of a Gothic cathedral with the nave and transept below soaring arches and columns appears similar to the placidly flowing Missouri […]

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Flowers of Highline Loop Trail at Logan Pass

Bear Grass against wind-blasted pines

The profusion of color, shape, and texture I saw in the flowers of Highline Loop Trail at Logan Pass, left me awestruck. My daughter likes to do this hike in Glacier National Park several times each season and claims it took us twice the normal time because I had to take photos of everything I […]

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Juxtaposition of the Sublime and the Ridiculous

Glacier National Park

My visits to Whitefish, Montana, where I stay with my daughter, involve a juxtaposition of the sublime and the ridiculous. I’ll start with the sublime. The little mountain town of Whitefish is located directly adjacent to Glacier National Park on the west side. The park still holds 25 active glaciers, but that’s not many compared to the […]

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Summertime Road Trips through Montana

Whitefish River is full

No matter how many summertime road trips through Montana and its Rocky Mountains that I take, I find the vastness amazing.  We hear so much about the global village, the tight networking that makes commerce flow. We also encounter invasion of privacy on every level, at work, on our streets, even in our bank accounts. Soon […]

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Is Dog Sledding on Your Bucket List?

Nearly ready -- One last check!

Is dog sledding on your bucket list? It was high on mine. So my daughter and I spoke with the owners of Dog Sled Adventures Montana about taking a ride. I’m so glad we did. I’d seen the dog truck driving around town in Whitefish, MT, and it definitely caught my attention. Incidentally, the sub-title […]

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Fire and Ice in One Stunning Mouthful


Fire and ice in one stunning mouthful! Now, how often does that happen? Have you ever seen hot ice cream on a menu? And I’m not talking about Baked Alaska where ice cream is insulated by meringue. It all started when I spied a verdant growth of rhubarb on the hill below my daughter’s apartment in […]

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Who Makes Montana Speed Limits Anyway?

Snow ghost and the moon

I ask you, who makes Montana speed limits anyway? If that sounds like I’m an annoyed tourist, let me give you a little context for my winter vacation and then some facts. I had rented a compact-size car for the city part of my vacation that looked sort of like a baby shoe on over-sized […]

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