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Death Valley Super Bloom Spring 2016

Death Valley National Park signage

Massive rainstorms we experienced in October 2015 resulted in the Death Valley Super Bloom of spring 2016. We had been driving across the Mojave Desert from the beautiful Virgin River gorge, past Barstow and on to Los Angeles, when we hit the surprising storms. Death Valley National Park is the driest place in North America […]

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Rain in the Desert

Joshua Tree

Although we didn’t know it at the time, unusual autumn rain in the desert would cause the Death Valley Super Bloom of spring 2016. Six months earlier–on 5 October 2015 to be precise–we were on a road trip heading to Southern California via ‘Vegas. As we drove south through the Virgin River section of I-15, […]

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What Creates the Mystique of Santa Catalina?

The Casino

What creates the mystique of Santa Catalina? For me it all began with a popular song I heard as a child that played long afterwards in my imagination. The Four Preps sang a bouncy tune with the lyrics, “Twenty-six miles across the Sea, Santa Catalina is a-waitin’ for me, Santa Catalina, the island of romance.” […]

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Drive a Golf Cart around Avalon

4-seat golf cart

To have the most fun on Santa Catalina, you need to drive a golf cart around Avalon. All it takes is a little courage and your driver license. The first day on the island we took the 50 minute Avalon Scenic Tour hoping to orient ourselves optimally for the remainder of our stay. The bus […]

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