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Two Sinking Cathedrals

Tropical flower

When I discovered that Mexico City houses two sinking cathedrals—the ornate Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary and the Metropolitan Tabernacle beside it (now joined as one building)—I felt very sad. The Cathedral houses two 18th century pipe organs, which are precious things to me. I love organ music and do my best on […]

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Toltec Pole Dancers

Toltec dancers Vision Quest

Outside the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, the sound of flute and drums drew us to a grassy park where Toltec pole dancers were performing a vision quest. Five men wearing brightly colored indigenous clothing circled a very tall pole, heads bowed in prayer. After five or ten minutes of this, four men each tied the […]

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Anthropology Museum of Mexico City

As I explored the Anthropology Museum of Mexico City, the misconceptions I had carried for so long about ancient Mesoamerica came as repeated surprises. For example, I saw evidence of multi-ethnic populations having lived in ancient Mesoamerica. Head shapes and facial features carved into over-size weathered rock images clearly showed Hamitic, Semitic, and Mongolian features. […]

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