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Coming at You from Every Direction

When a pedestrian tries to cross a one-way street, it’s entirely possible to have vehicles coming at you from every direction. And it doesn’t even have to be a 4-way intersection. Routinely, drivers back up the one-way until they reach the desired intersection. True thing! This is not fiction! For seven months we lived above […]

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Close Encounters of the Vehicular Kind

Full bus

Close encounters of the vehicular kind continue to occur . . . . . all because of a Santo Domingo housing practice. Citizens live in the air. High-rise condos abound in the capital city. They could have chopped up the available island real estate into aprons of lawn with a one-story house and a picket […]

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Astounding Traffic Event of Hookie-Bobbing


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, I’m going to introduce you to the astounding traffic event of Hookie-Bobbing, as it’s known in the Dominican Republic. Guest Blog by Randy Park Yep, here’s another one for your “On The Street” collection and personal enjoyment. This way of hitching a ride made us smile! Traveling […]

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Astounding Traffic Events Part Two

Titulada “Los muchachos”

I should probably preface my accounts of astounding traffic events part two, with the information that my friend says I have to drive and I say she has to navigate. She reads Google Maps on her iPhone, and I dodge the traffic. The photos I include at the end of this post are a phenomenon […]

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Astounding Traffic Events in the Dominican Republic

Gua-gua in traffic

Many of you, dear readers, tell me you enjoy reading my Astounding Traffic Events in the Dominican Republic, a section I place at the end of some of my blogs. But you also complain that they get buried down there. You want them up where you can find them. So here goes. A blog made […]

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Driving Rules are Loose in the DR

Flying along

You’ve probably gathered by now that the driving rules are loose in the DR. I’m learning to anticipate what the Dominican driver is likely to do, however, and my friend is able to guess what Google Maps is really suggesting. But what motorcyclists do on city streets here–and on a regular basis–defies imagination. Recently while […]

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Driving the Streets of Santo Domingo

grill work

While driving the streets of Santo Domingo constitutes a very small part of our week, it’s still the part that gets a lot of attention because it’s the part with greatest hazard. First of all, it’s a two-person operation. I drive the car, dodging potholes and other vehicles. My friend navigates with the GPS system […]

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Stand-off in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo

Tile street plaque - Calle Mercedes

Please know that this account of our stand-off in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo is being written with the most good-natured and accommodating smile on my face. We began our drive in sunshine; we reached the Colonial Zone in a tropical downpour. The kind where so much rain falls so fast that it feels […]

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Cultural Sensitivity and Road Rage

Ornamental grasses enhance parking structure

Cultural sensitivity and road rage are categorically incompatible. But cultural sensitivity is more difficult to achieve than at first appears. I’m thinking of Dominican driving practices. I conclude many of my blogs with an Astounding Driving Event that is befuddling in the moment (translate that as terrifying), but amusing in retrospect. I’ve found another way […]

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