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My Resolve Dissolved at El Monte Azul

Morning light over the pool

All my resolve dissolved at El Monte Azul — it’s true. When I began writing my travelogues, I devised a few cardinal rules. Number one states, “Don’t write about food or sleep.” Everybody else writes about what they’re eating, complete with pictures and recipes—just think about the comprehensive collections on Pinterest! As to sleep, who […]

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Pirate and Taino Lore of Los Haitises National Park

Taino logo

The pirate and Taino lore of Los Haitises National Park form a strong draw for visitors. Exploring the unique habitat is another compelling reason to visit, and the rustic eco-lodge Paraiso Cano Hondo for an overnight stay is like none other I’ve visited. We found the freshwater pools nearly irresistible. As seniors who’ve lived a lot, […]

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Dominican Tree House Village & Samana Zipline

Tree house - square

I can’t imagine visiting the Samana peninsula and not spending time at the Dominican Tree House Village & Samana Zipline. I once had a calendar with a different tree house around the world pictured for each month, so I came to the DTHV with a healthy set of fantasies about what living in a tree […]

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Riding Horses to El Salto del Limon

El Salto del Limon at high-water

Riding Horses to El Salto del Limon presents a fun excursion for most visitors and lasts about three hours, depending on how long you want to splash in the waterfall. The horses tend to be rugged little mounts of assorted lineage closer to donkey than thoroughbred. But a ride up the mountain definitely beats hiking […]

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Whale Watching Samana Bay January to March

Humpback breech - square

Whale watching Samana Bay January to March when the humpback whales come to breed and calve is a highlight of a winter visit to the Dominican Republic. I’d seen orca whales breaching and cavorting from a friend’s little boat in Alaska several years ago, and loved the experience. (I’m sorry to have mentioned the word […]

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First Itinerary for Visiting Northeast Dominican Republic

Bouganvilla - square

My first itinerary for visiting northeast Dominican Republic, focuses a whale-watching tour of Samana Bay below the Samana Peninsula. If your travel dates range from mid January through March this itinerary may work for you as it stands. To do the area justice you’d need a week or two, but many of my readers have only […]

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Second Itinerary for Visiting Northeast Dominican Republic

DTHV square

My second itinerary for visiting northeast Dominican Republic works well any time of year. It includes the Dominican Tree House Village & Samana Zipline, the beach at Playa Rincon & snorkelling in the Cano Frio River, and the beach at Hotel Todo Blanco. If you have more time you can take an extra day or […]

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Paradise Amidst the Trash at Playa Rincon

Shinny up a coconut palm 2

You’ll find paradise amidst the trash at Playa Rincon when you visit the Samana Peninsula on the north shore of the Dominican Republic. Conde Nast Traveler rates Playa Rincon as one of the world’s top ten best beaches, and it is. But what you see depends on which direction you turn at the entrance to […]

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Samana’s Fierce Blowhole and Granite Mine

We've arrived

For our route to Samana’s fierce blowhole and granite mine (located on the same road), we consulted our iPhone map. Although forewarned as to the ferocity of the blowhole by its Spanish name “mouth of the devil,” we didn’t worry about the little unpaved road to get there. That is, until it narrowed into a […]

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Visit Samana on New Year Day

El Monte Azul Restaurant

After a rousing New Year Eve in Santo Domingo’s Colonial District, our driving goal was to visit Samana on New Year Day. We saw beautiful tropical scenery, stayed at a secluded condo in The Cove, and had a lot of fun (which later blogs will explore). But early on, while simply driving to Samana, we […]

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