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Itinerary for Visiting Jarabacoa, Center Area

Jarabacoa hills - square

This itinerary for visiting Jarabacoa, center area of the Dominican Republic is designed to assist visitors with only a couple of days to spend, as well as those who can enjoy a longer stay. If you have the time, another destination close by that I highly recommend is Constanza, the agricultural center of Hispaniola, with […]

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Hiking Jarabacoa’s Salto Jimenoa

Salto de Jimenoa

Hiking Jarabacoa’s Salto Jimenoa may not be the most extreme of all the high adventure activities available in the central highlands of the Dominican Republic, but it’s definitely a favorite of mine. We visited early in the week, and found ourselves alone on the path. Last week was Spring Break with a deluge of tourists. […]

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Paragliding Jarabacoa’s Mountains

Taking the run

My mother and I had already taken the white-water rafting trip with Flying Tony’s company in the morning, but when our guide invited us for another adventure, paragliding Jarabacoa’s mountains, I said, “No way. Can’t do it! “Why not?” “I’m scared of heights.” “I’ll be your guide and keep you safe.” That made me pause. […]

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White-water Rafting Rio Yaque del Norte

Rafting close-up

The sign for Flying Tony’s adventure tours that included white-water rafting Rio Yaque del Norte caught my eye as we registered at Hotel Gran Jimenoa. Placed near the front desk, I couldn’t take my eyes off the thing. I’d come on this trip to the Dominican Republic very tired and all I wanted to do […]

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Lost and Found in Constanza Part Two

Jon Fuller Photography 3

Lost and Found in Constanza Part Two naturally picks up the story from Lost and Found in Constanza Part One. On our visit to the agricultural interior of the Dominican Republic, we lost more than a license plate. And we found much more than a waterfall. In unexpected ways we lost some preconceptions and found […]

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Lost and Found in Constanza Part One

Constanza farmlands

In a country where stereotypes ring true to the rest of the world, what we lost and found in Constanza gave me another lens for knowing this island. I’m not talking about potatoes and a waterfall, although both figured in our visit. But if you think that palm trees waving over white sand beaches are […]

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Welcome to the Beautiful Land of Cocoa

cacao pod

The sign, “Bienvenidos a esta hermosa tierra del cacao” — Welcome to the beautiful land of cocoa — greets visitors to the famous Dominican cocoa plantation, El Sendero del Cacao. Located a comfortable 2½-hour drive north of Santo Domingo, just west of the city San Franciso de Macoris, the drive takes the visitor through a […]

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