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Dark Sky and Scavenger Hunt in Canmore

I learned via a dark sky and scavenger hunt in Canmore that there’s no quicker way to learn the secrets of a town. In all the years I lived in Alberta, Canmore was merely a road sign on the way from Calgary to Banff National Park. Never once had it been a place to stop. […]

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Itinerary for Visiting Southwest Dominican Republic

Bay of the Eagles

I’ve been asked to post our itinerary for visiting southwest Dominican Republic, which includes Barahona, Pedernales, Bahia de las Aguilas, Laguna de Oviedo, Baharuco River mouth, Larimar Museum, and Los Patos .We spent three nights in Barahona, plus two half days on either end to drive the 4 hours between Santo Domingo and Barahona. Day […]

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Sunrise Over the Caribbean Sea

Caribbean sunrise 3

Sunrise over the Caribbean Sea is a magnificent sight. I awakened when the light first appeared, but rolled over in an attempt to go back to sleep. Two minutes later I realized what I had seen in that glimpse of morning light. I whipped the mosquito netting open and practically fell out of bed in […]

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Beautiful Blue Larimar – Uniquely Dominican

Larimar pendant

Found nowhere else in the world, the beautiful blue Larimar – uniquely Dominican. I’ve seen women wear it with every possible shade of blue, from sky to navy to aqua. Usually set in silver, Larimar has some of the aesthetic qualities of Navajo turquoise. It’s worn at the symphony (where everyone dresses up) and often […]

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Exploring Barahona to Pedernales on the Haitian Border

Bay of Eagles coastline

Exploring Barahona to Pedernales on the Haitian border is like driving west from the tropics of Florida and half an hour later entering the desert of New Mexico. Humidity and lush plantations give way to aridity and dusty cactus. The Sierra de Bahoruco casts a dark line across the landscape to the north and the […]

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