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Welcome! If you’ve thought about retiring and wonder whether travel might be an option for you, read on! I’m curious about our longing for the exotic and our impulse to return to the familiar. I want to learn whether age can bring an augmentation in our perceptions or in our capacity for joy. I like to explore […]

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Know Before You Go – Long Lost First Play

Mound today, vendors tomorrow

Know before you go – Long Lost First Play has a script densely written with humorous and original observations of the Shakespeare canon that is a delight at every moment. But know before you go – the director and actors at the 2017 Utah Shakespeare Festival apparently didn’t trust the script. At every turn they […]

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The Tavern Transforms Melodrama into Comedy

Randall L. Jones Theatre

The Tavern transforms melodrama into comedy as buoyantly performed by the Utah Shakespeare Festival players. The company kept us laughing at the absurdities in the play, yet sympathetic to the flawed characters on stage. That’s a tricky task. It can so easily tip the other way and leave the audience disappointed. Uncertainties arise on every […]

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Unwrapping Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone

Along Conde

Unwrapping Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone is best accomplished over time. Since we expected to be living in Santo Domingo for 18 months or so, neither efficiency nor coverage were top priorities on our first visit. We arrived without much of a plan beyond spending a sunny Saturday morning. So, finding a great lunch, a wonderful […]

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