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Welcome! If you’ve thought about retiring and wonder whether travel might be an option for you, read on! I’m curious about our longing for the exotic and our impulse to return to the familiar. I want to learn whether age can bring an augmentation in our perceptions or in our capacity for joy. I like to explore […]

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Netherland Tulip Fields to Croatian Mountains

Dubrovnik from the Adriatic Sea

We flew from red and yellow Netherland tulip fields to Croatian mountains, with the snow-covered Alps near Munich between. As our plane followed the mountain ridge along the coast of Croatia, we passed numerous small and rocky islands. The Dubrovnik International airport is very modern and spotlessly clean, and the passport line proved to be […]

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Is Dog Sledding on Your Bucket List?

Nearly ready -- One last check!

Is dog sledding on your bucket list? It was high on mine. So my daughter and I spoke with the owners of Dog Sled Adventures Montana about taking a ride. I’m so glad we did. I’d seen the dog truck driving around town in Whitefish, MT, and it definitely caught my attention. Incidentally, the sub-title […]

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Fire and Ice in One Stunning Mouthful


Fire and ice in one stunning mouthful! Now, how often does that happen? Have you ever seen hot ice cream on a menu? And I’m not talking about Baked Alaska where ice cream is insulated by meringue. It all started when I spied a verdant growth of rhubarb on the hill below my daughter’s apartment in […]

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Flowers of Highline Loop Trail at Logan Pass

Bear Grass against wind-blasted pines

The profusion of color, shape, and texture I saw in the flowers of Highline Loop Trail at Logan Pass, left me awestruck. My daughter likes to do this hike in Glacier National Park several times each season and claims it took us twice the normal time because I had to take photos of everything I […]

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Juxtaposition of the Sublime and the Ridiculous

Glacier National Park

My visits to Whitefish, Montana, where I stay with my daughter, involve a juxtaposition of the sublime and the ridiculous. I’ll start with the sublime. The little mountain town of Whitefish is located directly adjacent to Glacier National Park on the west side. The park still holds 25 active glaciers, but that’s not many compared to the […]

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Morning Visit to the Headwaters of the Everglades

Shingle Creek in February

With only a day left in Kissimmee, Florida, an early morning visit to the headwaters of the Everglades seemed intriguing. The choices for what to do while everyone else visits Florida theme parks became increasingly precious as our time drew down, but we made the mistake of choosing the Shingle Creek Naturalist Tours. Initially, I […]

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Who Makes Montana Speed Limits Anyway?

Snow ghost and the moon

I ask you, who makes Montana speed limits anyway? If that sounds like I’m an annoyed tourist, let me give you a little context for my winter vacation and then some facts. I had rented a compact-size car for the city part of my vacation that looked sort of like a baby shoe on over-sized […]

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A Noreaster and a Verdi Grand Opera

Tree on house, DC 2 March 2018

There’s really no way to anticipate such a juxtaposition, a Noreaster and a Verdi grand opera, each a force of nature in its own way. Yes, this visit to Washington, DC, was to hold a few surprises. I love visiting when the cherry trees are in bloom. The weather had been warm and I thought […]

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Visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter First-hand

Fire-spewing dragon above Gringotts Bank

I’d wanted to visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter first-hand for years, ever since my own grandchildren reported their delight with the adventure. So I have to confess to a total cave on how to entertain myself while everyone else visits Florida theme parks. When day six of the family reunion dawned, I was excited to head […]

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Invite Everyone You Love to Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower = Carillon

Rather than being grumpy all day at a crowded Florida theme park, invite everyone you love to Bok Tower Gardens. Then if they decline, you don’t have to feel guilty about the wonderful day you’re going to have, or sad about the crowds and noise they’ll have. I loved everything about this National Historic Landmark in […]

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