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Welcome! If you’ve thought about retiring and wonder whether travel might be an option for you, read on! I’m curious about our longing for the exotic and our impulse to return to the familiar. I want to learn whether age can bring an augmentation in our perceptions or in our capacity for joy. I like to explore […]

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Who Makes Montana Speed Limits Anyway?

Snow ghost and the moon

I ask you, who makes Montana speed limits anyway? If that sounds like I’m an annoyed tourist, let me give you a little context for my winter vacation and then some facts. I had rented a compact-size car for the city part of my vacation that looked sort of like a baby shoe on over-sized […]

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A Noreaster and a Verdi Grand Opera

Tree on house, DC 2 March 2018

There’s really no way to anticipate such a juxtaposition, a Noreaster and a Verdi grand opera, each a force of nature in its own way. Yes, this visit to Washington, DC, was to hold a few surprises. I love visiting when the cherry trees are in bloom. The weather had been warm and I thought […]

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Everyone Else Visits Florida Theme Parks, Part Three

Fire-spewing dragon above Gringotts Bank

I confess to a total cave on how to entertain myself while everyone else visits Florida theme parks, part three. When day six of the family reunion dawned, I was excited to head out to Universal Studios with the rest of the family. I’d wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter first-hand ever […]

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Everyone Else Visits Florida Theme Parks, Part Two

Bok Tower = Carillon

More suggestions for how to entertain yourself while everyone else visits Florida theme parks, part two. When everybody at breakfast worries that you’re not going to have fun without them, invite them to come with you to Bok Tower Gardens. When they decline, you don’t have to feel guilty about the wonderful day you’re going […]

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Review of the Las Vegas production of Baz

Chinese Year of the Dog at the Palazzo

This review of the Las Vegas production of Baz–a Musical Mash-up comes from a Xennial couple and two Baby Boomers who were looking for some good shows for our Las Vegas weekend. We were caught by The Palazzo description of Baz. Here’s the excerpt that sold us: BAZ has been called “the ultimate date night” […]

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Everyone Else Visits Florida Theme Parks, Part One

Pool view at Champion's Gate, FL

What to do while everyone else visits Florida theme parks, part one. I’d never had any desire to spend a week at Disney World. Truly. My bucket list is long, but nowhere is there an amusement park on it. Years ago I’d taken my children to Disney Land in California. They enjoyed; I endured. That […]

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Tidy Prairie Town Called Claresholm

Claresholm sunset square

For years I had driven through the tidy prairie town called Claresholm, situated along the #2 Highway in Southern Alberta, Canada. It didn’t signify much more to me than a lowered speed zone. With its generic assortment of flat-roofed businesses lining main street, Claresholm, population 3780, was a mere artery I had to pass through in […]

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Caravanserai Fort Hosts Whirling Dervish Ceremony

Whirling Dervish

We visited in the town of Nevsehir in the Cappadocia region, where an old caravanserai fort hosts Whirling Dervish ceremony. I had heard various things about this sect of Islam, that it had been outlawed for a time after Ataturk’s modernization programs began, for example. But I wanted my understanding to be more than anecdotal. […]

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Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia Look Surreal

Multi-dwelling high-rise

The Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia look surreal, otherworldly, as though you’ve just walked onto a fantasy movie set. Part of the drama comes from traveling quickly from sea level to the thousand-foot elevation comprising central Anatolia. The formerly lush, green seaside vistas have become a high, wide plateau, brown and plain. Mile after mile, flat […]

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Modern Artisans in Cappadocia use Caves

Plate 4

I’ve seen ceramic arts studios in many places, from airy classrooms to home garages to outdoor patios, but I was amazed to see that modern artisans in Cappadocia use caves. Yes, those elegant displays of Turkish ceramics found in museums often originated in a region where artisans over the ages have hollowed out rooms in […]

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