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Welcome! If you’ve thought about retiring and wonder whether travel might be an option for you, read on! I’m curious about our longing for the exotic and our impulse to return to the familiar. I want to learn whether age can bring an augmentation in our perceptions or in our capacity for joy. I like to explore […]

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My Resolve Dissolved at El Monte Azul

Morning light over the pool

All my resolve dissolved at El Monte Azul — it’s true. When I began writing my travelogues, I devised a few cardinal rules. Number one states, “Don’t write about food or sleep.” Everybody else writes about what they’re eating, complete with pictures and recipes—just think about the comprehensive collections on Pinterest! As to sleep, who […]

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Kite Surfers of Cabarete vs Kite Flyers of Weifang

Kiteboarding square

If you compare the kite surfers of Cabarete vs kite flyers of Weifang, they aren’t even close cousins. Not really. But I didn’t know that when friends told us about the amazing kite surfers of Cabarete who were a must-see when visiting the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The images of kite surfing that […]

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Ideal Caribbean Resort in La Romana

There’s nothing quite like basking in the beauty of an ideal Caribbean resort in La Romana, specifically the Luxury Bahia Principe Bougainville, for an R&R get-away. If I were to describe the perfect Caribbean destination, this would be it. White sand beaches, blue skies, palm trees waving, crystal clean pools, a varied and delicious buffet ready any […]

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National Botanical Gardens Largest in Caribbean

Botanical Gardens SD

We toured the National Botanical Gardens largest in Caribbean, on a sunny Saturday afternoon. To my eyes, so used to the beauty of the Temperate Zone flora, the tropical wonders I saw there were both exotic and breathtakingly beautiful. with its vast variety of trees and shrubbery, its pools and sculptures. The first thing to engage […]

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